The fiber laser marking machine with rotary-Angelina

The fiber laser marking machine with rotary

The fiber laser marking machine with totary, enjoys a great promising in these years, with the development of the international market.

More and more people like to mark some words, or some pictures in their goods, with the aim to make a memory.

In these people, we may meet with some one, who wants to mark their ring to their partner, usually needs to  the fiber laser marking machine with rotary.

Our company produces two types machine, one is the usual one, another is with the rotary.

Here are some pictures:

fiber laser marking machine with rotary


fiber laser making machine with rotary


This kind of machine is equipped with a rotary, different with the ordinary one. It is used to fixed  the ring, or other cyclic annular objects.

It could make the marking process more convenient and portable.

This kind of rotary need a drive unit to operate.

drive unit

Different with the ordinary type, this type has a drive unit, equipped on the back of the board.

The rotary depends on the drive unit to mark.

As the ringlike object is difficult to control, and it is impossible to hold it.

Therefore, use this rotary will be more convenient.

This rotary is usually installed on the working table, it also could be moved everywhere.

Its size and weight is small, so it is easy to move.

If the clients do not want to mark the ringlike objects, he could  disassemble it , it is easy to operate.

Here is a video for the fiber laser marking machine with rotary:



The marking samples of the machine:

ring marking

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