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Medical apparatus

Medical apparatus and instruments contact with the human body directly. the standards of medical apparatus devices in every country are very harsh ! Therefore, the requirements of medical apparatus for marking machine are very strict!

Medical apparatus


Our company- XTLASER do the laser marking industry for more than 13 years. we have helped many clients.who do the medical industry.and we made solutions for them.

The classic application of the laser marking machine. in the medical device industry .it is still marked on stainless steel surgery apparatus and dental equipment.

These markings are easier to read , even after being disinfected many times, it is still clear. Most importantly point. it is a mark on an absolute smooth surface, that prevents bacteria from sticking to the surface.

The surface of the marking does not damage the corrosion-resistant chemical passivation.


At the same time, we have developed a fully enclosed laser marking machine special for the medical industry.

so that to avoid polluting the surrounding environment with the dust of marker working.







Certainly,we still have some many special design and parameter about this industry, Time limit cannot list all.

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