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             CO2 laser marking machine in market

CO2 laser marking machine, which is totally differen from the fiber laser. Many customers would choose this one,if their material is not hard enough. Using co2 laser marking  machine could mark the ideal outcome, like the wood, leather, or plastic, etc.

There are totally two types of  co2 laser marking machine, the desktop type or the Mini type.

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co2 laser marking machineco2 laser marking machine




According to different requirements, the customer may choose different types. If the space is limited, they could choose the mini type. This could help save the space and freight cost.

The co2  laser marking machine wavelength is 1064um, and the fiber laser is 1064 nm. If using fiber laser on the wood or the plastic, the products may become burns, influencing the beauty. Using co2 laser marking machine is suitable.

According to different needs, like the working area, we could introduce different power to them, like 30 w, 55 w, 100 w.

The stronger the power is, the quicker the speed is.

So when introducing the machine, we must ensure the material and the content of the product.

As for the laser tube, we have total two types, one is metal tube ,another is glass tube.

The difference  lies that, the longevity of metal tube is longer than the glass.

As for the brand of the laser tube, we provide two types, one is leiye, another is synrad. Different in the price , customer could choose according to their needs.

leiye brand laser tubelaser tube

laser tube specification


co2 laser marking machine specification

The co2 laser marking machine, which is mainly used to mark some less hard materials, the industry, like wood, leather, plastic could put this type into priority. This machine could meet your demand in the maximum.

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