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FAQ for Mopa laser color marking machine

Recently, more and more customer choose Mopa laser color marking machine for marking IPhone case, stainless steel and so on. Today, i organized  some frequency questions asked from our customer.

1. Does standard fiber laser can also mark color?

The standard fiber lase can marking color too, but it’s very hard to adjust the parameter for customer. Most of our customer choose Mopa laser color machine.

2. Is it Mopa laser color marking machine can color on all kinds of metal?

It can mark different color on stainless steel. Mark black and white on aluminum oxide, not for all kinds of metal.

3. What is the difference between Mopa M1 and Mopa M6?

Compare to M1, M6 is more easier mark colors on stainless steel. When marking on aluminum oxide, M6 can mark more colors, like light grey, deep grey. If you make the same pics on aluminum, M6 will be more faster.

4. what is the warranty on your mopa laser color marking machine ?

2 years warranty for all of our fiber laser marking machine.

5. Is it can mark on IPhone case?

Mopa laser color marking machine can have a great work for Iphone. Most of our customer likes marking IMEI.

Marking on golden color iphone housing: https://youtu.be/luvGWGWVA3A

6. What’s the difference between desktop and mini type?

The function is the same, only different type. Mini type can save more transport charge. Most of customer likes choose mini Mopa color marking machine.

7. What’s the delivery time?

Usually, our delivery time is about 7-10 days. The detailed time we will confirm with our factory.

These are some normal questions and briefly answers, hope it can help more people to know it.

If you have any doubts, just be free contact me.

Email: xintian112@xtlaser

Whatspp: 0086 13176671529

Skype: XT Wendy Ning


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