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How to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine 

How to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine? cause that has been a hot topic in the field of metal cutting and processing field.

For metal laser cutter,so besides the traditional cutting tools,like Plasma,Fire cutting and water jet cutting,YAG cutting ,the Fiber laser cutting machine is the most popular one.

How to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine?

Firstly you should to know about the machine main configurations and brand.

  • Machine body:

First, XTC- Fseries cutting machine lathe bed is by the party tube welding lathe bed base,and through the large gantry milling machine.

Each lathe bed will be placed 30 days to 45 days,after rough machining natural failure.And the internal stress release completely again after finishing,so that to ensure the machining accuracy.

how to find one suitable fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutter






  • Control system

Shanghai Cypcut system.

metal laser cutting







  • Fiber laser source

Second, Raycus is the best selling one in China, although many customers know the IPG ,Germany brand ,

the most famous brand in the world.But the Raycus also has a great stability,but with a competitive price.

  • Servo motor

Third, Yaskawa from Japan brand, the most professional brand in fiber laser cutting market.

Principle Y axis use 2 sets of 1300w motor (SGM7G-20AFC61)

X axis use 1set of 850w  (SGM7G-09AFC61 )

fiber laser steel cutting







  • Transmission system

  • Guide rail; PMI or HIWIN guide rail from Taiwan brand,with a higher precision.
  • Rank and pinion: KH from Taiwan brand, H level precision or YYC brand.
  • Ball screw: Inside of the laser cutting head to adjust up and down.
  • Reducer: France motor reducer or Japan Shimpo reducer.
  • Water chiller

Then,  Tongfei TFLW water chiller,which is from China,the most professional cooling system in the field of fiber laser cutting.

  • Laser cutting head

Finally, Raytools laser cutting head form Switzerland,the best selling one,and with good stability.

Then Using Raytools laser cutting head,which has Z axis follow-up function. And highly sensitive and follow-up cutting head applies capacitance sensor monitoring, offering automatic adjusting function with stable and fast cutting.

fiber laser cutting







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