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Jinan XT LASER with high quality

Fiber laser machine, which has aroused in these years, and more and more companies  choose this industry.

It seems that fiber laser machine would become the biggest industry some day.

There are many companies, they engage in this fiber laser machine production. Many of them has its own factory, others do not have.

Jinan xintian laser is a professional fiber laser machine manufacturer with more than 13 years.

Therefore, we have more mature experience comparing with the others.

Here I want to show a picture of our factory:

machine manufacturer factory

Jinan xintian technology limited company is a professional company, producing fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine and etc.

We have received  all kinds of customer, they come  from different countries, such as America, Australia, India, South Africa and etc.




Many of them are not only satisfied with our products, but also our service.

After they  come here visiting our factory, they are glad to the neatness of the workshop.

fiber laser cutting machine


fiber laser marking machine


Many of companies may have the factory and the same products as us.

But I think our service is the best among  the  fraternity. Our company welcome all customers come here.

You could visit our factory, do test by yourself, view the machine in the nearest distance. Besides, there are professional engineer, they could solve all the questions, the worries.

Many customers have come here before they decide to buy the machine.


customer visiting companycustomer visiting factory





Even some of them are glad to the machine after doing testing for themselves, and they payment face to face.

customer payment

Jinan xintian technology limited company produce all kinds of machine, with different model, different size, different color to meet different needs.

Customers could choose according to their own needs.

I will show u our products with different model:

fiber laser cutting machinethe fiber laser marking machine











Our products are high quality, beautiful in appearance, and easy to handle.

We have engineers overseas provide the service for u, they could help u operate it.

If u have attention to our company, to our prodycts.

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