How can we choose a fiber laser metal cutting machine-Wendy

How can we choose a fiber laser metal cutting machine-Wendy

Fiber laser cutting machine introduction

Fiber laser cutting is a technology, it is use the fiber laser to cut different materials, such as: Carbon steel, silver, copper… It’s typically used for industrial area, but now it’s also starting used for schools, small businesses, and hobbyists, so there will come out a question, how can we choose the best suitable fiber laser cutting machine? Here i will share some ideas about it, take a look and i’m sure it will help you choose a better machine.

3mm galvanized sheet cutting video:

Step 1: Choose a professional factory instead of trade company.

Everyone knows, a factory have plenty of advantages than trade company. The factory means they have advanced technology and professional research. There are two ways can help you find out the “real factory”: firstly, we can ask the salesman make samples or take a video chat in the factory, if they can show it very quick, it’s probably a factory; if they refused or after few days show it, we can just pass these kind of company. Secondly, take a visit. That is the most easy and useful way, in China we always saying: Ears for the virtual, seeing is believing.

Step 2: The main products of the factory

Each factory have their own main products, it’s a kind of advantage. Some factories looks very big, but if we do a little bit more research, maybe we will find their main products are Co2 series, so pass it, because you can not choose a dumpling restaurant when you want to eat pizza, even they have. Do a deep research by the company website or google, if they put the fiber series products on the first obvious position, that will be right. Find a factory with the main products-Fiber laser metal cutting machine, is very important.

Step 3: Three points of the fiber laser metal cutting machine

We should pay attention to three parts, machine body, fiber laser source and water chiller, because they can have a big effect to stability, precision and speed. The machine body:Plate welding bed > Square tube body, the plate welding machine is more stability than square tube body, especially for the power over 1000w; The fiber laser source: IPG>Raycus>Max, IPG is Germany brand, we all know it good, and it is, Raycus laser source is the best brand in China, it has lots of good feedback from customers, the last one Max brand, it’s not a good choice for a buyer, high failure rate and non-stability.

Step 4: After-service

The after-service is a part of embodiment of the factory strength, it’s very helpful to have a good service of the fiber laser metal cutting machine, it’s better if the engineer can go to our place offer a training and service, i think everyone will like it, professional service without money and save your time.

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