Cutting head in fiber laser cutting machine-Angelina

The introduction of cutting head

The cutting head, as we know , is important to the fiber laser cutting machine.

To some extent, the cutting head quality would influence the cutting quality. Therefore, I want to introduce some knowledge about it.

There are many types of cutting head, give u some picture for reference:

cutting head





Raytools         Preste               Lasermech            Precitec

Our company usually use the Raytools brand cutting head, its cutting quality is very high. Besides, the outcome it cut is also beautiful.

Do u know how many parts does the cutting head have? Here are water-injecting tube, air tube and capacitor in the head.

cutting head

There are totally two water-injecting tube installed on the head, one injecting water, another  exhausting the water. The main function of the head is to low the temperature, so as to make the head work normally.

As for the air tube, the main gas we use is  nitrogen and oxygen. Is is used to transport air for the head, therefore, it could work.

The capacitor is to provide power for the machine, so as to  drive the head moving.

All of these are what I know about the cutting head.

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