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Laser Marking Machine – The Future of Product Labels

With the advent of modern technology all around us, it’s high time that we advance in small technical instruments, such as a small marking tool also, used to engrave words upon different types of objects. With this, we introduce the all new Laser Marking Machine, delivering on the edge performance, which has never been experienced before.

The main reason why these machines are becoming more and more popular is the accuracy with which they can emboss each and every minute detail in the design. It results in unparalleled performance. We are listing some of the amazing features of this product below:

1· Quality Marking

Laser Marking being the Non-Contact marking process, has the capability to give previsions up to 0.01mm and hence, outperforms any of available machines out there.

Laser Marking Machine

2· Anti Counterfeiting

Since it has the ability to mark each and every symbol accurately and codes uniquely, therefore, there’s no point that the codes of any two products may match. This help to prevent counterfeit and guarantees that no discrepancy arises with the product in later stages.

3· Versatility

It marks the material without making any physical contact with them which is a great advantage because it can work on various kind of surfaces and also on a wide range of materials like wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, etc.

4· Reliable Machinery

Laser Marking machine when bought from a company that manufactures it , can prove you more reliable as compared to any other sources who deal in it. With a one time investment it gives you the satisfaction of permanent marking, hassle free performance, freedom to switch between the designs and low production cost. With a little know how and experimenting, it can run for years with little-maintenance. It works on a very low power. It is controlled via a computer and hence no manual intervention is required, once the required data is fed into it. Cooling and Exhaust systems are also pre-installed, giving it extra privilege to work in exhaustive and robust environmental conditions too.

5· Auto-Generated Codes

It has the provision to generate unique barcodes, QR codes and other identification codes internally so that it does not have to depend upon any extra device to do the same.

6· Cost Efficient

As the entire process is automated, therefore only one or two users are required, just to feed the initial data into the machine. Rest is taken care of automatically. This reduces the manpower required to a great extent and hence is quite efficient in terms of cost. The initial installation cost may seem a bit high, but once you install it, it can run at almost negligible inputs.

7· Highly Productive

This is one machine which produces output with almost insignificant input. The most you need to run it is a small amount of power. That’s all.  It has got a great marking speed and can run for up to 10000hrs at a stretch.
We will continue for more Laser Marking Machine details.
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