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the professional fiber laser equipment manufacturer since 2004. Standard fiber laser marking machine contains mini, portable, handheld, desktop, mini enclosed, enclosed, and other non-standard fiber laser marking machines.

XT LASER, located in Jinan city, Shandong province, is the one of the biggest fiber laser marking machine exporter in North China. We have exported machines to over 50 countries, such as Russia, South Korea, India, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa,  Australia, United States, etc.

Mini type fiber laser marking machine is one of the most popular marking machine in overseas market.
Except this type, desktop and portable fiber laser marking machine are also accepted by overseas customers, due to it’s compact and convenience designing.

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine adopts the most advanced technology of the world, is called as The Third Generation Laser Marking Machine by industry in the world. Because of its features like the best optical mode,  excellent quality of laser beam, long operating life, the highest electric-optical conversion efficiency, small size, reliable and without maintenance,  suited for all metal and some kinds of non-metal marking. It is popular with customer in lots of fields, as soon as introduced to the market.

1 Imported fiber laser system

2 Excellent optical mode, long operating life, up to 100,000 Hours

3 The highest electric-optical conversion efficiency, up to 80%, but gross power less than 600 W

4 Small size, steady, without maintenance, easy to operate

5 High precision, suited for fine processing on all metal and some non-metal.

Marking sample of mini type fiber laser marking machine

Applicable industry:
Morn Fiber laser marking series machine is widely used in metal and non-metal fields,such as automatic parts industry, medical equipment, electronic components, IT industry, hardware industry, precision apparatuses, jewelry, crafts, high-low-boltage appliances, packaging indstry,etc.

Applicable material:
Morn Fiber laser marking machine is professional for both metal and non-metal material marking. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum,copper, chrome, anodized aluminum,silicon wafer, etc. as well as lots of non metal materials, like ceramic, rubber, plastic, leather, cardboard, etc.


Our Service
Engineer is available to overseas installation and training service. Beside this, We will save all the related marking parameters in the computer and CD. What’s more, we will do the 48 hours testing time for all of the machines before delivering away.

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