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Fiber laser marker for automotive spare parts

It is known to all that fiber laser marker could apply in many different industries.

For example, jewelry industry, key chains industry, knife manufacturer and so on.

It is also the reason why the machine is so popular.

Today I want to introduce its application to the  automotive industry.

As in known to all, the main material of automotive industry is mainly steel, plastic and metal, and etc.

Therefore the fiber laser marker machine enjoys a huge market in this industry.

1. Why fiber laser marker could apply in this industry

At first, the main material of car parts are metal, plastic as well as stainless steel.

our fiber laser marking machine is mainly used to mark such kind of material.

Secondly, these car parts are not too big, so the marking area and the marking time is no need too big.

Using our 20w machine with 110*110 working area is ok.

Thirdly, cause these materials are small in size , the marking time would not too long, so that the efficiency would be high very much.

Fourthly, the marking outcome is excellent, which could make the customer products looks more attractive!!

In a word, that is why the fiber laser marking machine is so popular among the car industry.

2.The details of the machine

Excellent beam quality

The optical fiber laser is the medium mixed yb double-clad fiber, resonant cavity length.

So the beam quality is very good, M2 value is 1.2-1.5, the output flare diameter can achieve 10 microns.

Excellent beam quality to ensure that optical fiber laser marking machine in a variety of material satisfying marking effects, widely applied in most metal marking industries.

Such as brass, titanium, steel, iron, aluminum and so on) and non metal materials like cloth, fabric, PVC, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic and etc.

Laser long service life

XTL-FP series optical fiber laser marking machine uses 1064 nm laser diode .

Besides, as the sources are used to pump, the average working hours can up to 100000 hours.

Small and exquisite Volume , applicable in the bad environment

Optical fiber surface area/volume ratio is high, also good cooling effect, no need huge water cooling system, just simple air cooling.

Besides, it can be running in bad conditions.

Such as high impact, high vibration, high temperature as well as dirt under the conditions of the normal operation.

Free maintenance operation.

Optical fiber laser no need for any maintenance (not including adjust or clean lens)

3.More details about it

Light path and galvo scanner

The optical system: 1064 nm based on the high precision, vibrating mirror reflection focusing system.

Laser correction: choose red visible laser collimator’s systems instructions axis position, indicating light and laser coaxial,.

in the process to tracing the function of the instructions and timely and accurate registration.

Galvo mirror is set to track operation of the laser executive mechanism, and it mainly consists of high accuracy servo motor, motor driven plate, mirror, F-θ lens and dc supply of power.

Computer control system

Laptop with WINDOWS operating system in English

Special marking software

Marking software in WINDOWS interface,English operating system.

Also it  is compatible with PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD and so on many kinds of drawing software:

such as time date, bar code, serial number, mark, output in English, graphics, all kinds of bar code, Qr code, etc.

Word stock the function is all ready, 200 kinds of fonts, can customize wired font, creating one of the proprietary dictionaries.

4.Marking samples:

marking sample

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