How to choose your working table of fiber laser cutting machine—Clara

For make a better choice on the fiber laser cutting machine, the working table is the top-3 points to consider. Cause a better table will continuously offer high-accuracy cutting results without deformation. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a suitable working table.

Normally, there are three kinds of main working tables in fiber laser cutting machine, pipe welded, iron casting and thick plate welded.

1: Pipe welded working table of fiber laser cutting machine

It is kind of working table which is gradually replaced by others. Acutually we also use this table 1 year ago. But we found it can match our company’s pursuits and requirements, so we decided to find a better working table for our clients.

This kind of table will be the same price as others. But its structure and solidity will much less than others. Cause many seperated pipes make it. And when those pipes are welded together, the working table is finished. So after about a year or even several month, it will be deformation with accuracy error then.

What’s more, this working table can not through high temperature quenching, cause it will get into a pile of pipes after it.

Here is a picture of the pipe welded working table, you can see the structure of it.

So if there are some companies who offer you the pipe welded working table of the machine, just pass them. They are not a responsible company, not mention a laser machine manufacture.

In the next articles, we will continue the topic: how to choose your working table of fiber laser cutting machine. But if you want to know more information about the fiber laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact me.

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