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Fiber laser engraving machine for guns

It is known to all that fiber laser engraving machine could apply to many industries.

Small power ,like 10 or 20w could achieve surface marking, and the bigger power, suck as 20,30 or 50w,

could achieve deep engraving.

The depth could reach 0.2-0.5 according to different customer needs.

Recently, we often meet with some customers who ask for deep engraving on guns, especially some American customers.

As we all know, the most material of the gun is carbon steel, stainless steel or the aluminium.

Our fiber laser engraving machine is mainly used to mark on these materials.

Therefore, choosing our fiber laser engraving machine to engrave gun is a right choice.

1.Some samples done by fiber laser engraving machine

First, here I want to show some samples we make for our customer:

gun deep engravingdeep engraving samples

For deep engraving, we usually introduce at least 30w machine to our customer.

If the customer do not care about the time , he could choose the 30w machine to achieve deep engraving.

However, if they want to  short time, much more depth, then the 50w machine or the 100w would be a better choice.

As for the laser source, different people may have different choice.

Some customers may only know the IPG laser source, the most popular in the world, made from Germany.

But we often introduce the raycus laser source to customer.

It is the best brand on China, which has been accepted by many customers.

Although this type laser source is not too much familiar than the IPG, it has been introduced by many customers.

2.The details of the fiber laser engraver

XTL-FP series optical fiber laser marking machine use 1064 nm laser diode as the sources are used to pump.

The average working hours can up to 100000 hours.

Small and exquisite Volume , applicable in the bad environment

Optical fiber surface area/volume ratio is high, also good cooling effect.

There is no need huge water cooling system, just simple air cooling, can be running in bad conditions.

Such as high impact, high vibration, high temperature, dirt under the conditions of the normal operation.

Free maintenance operation

Optical fiber laser no need for any maintenance (not including adjust or clean lens)

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