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    Payment terms of Alibaba Trade Assurance

What is Trade Assurance?

Product quality not up to the standards agreed with your supplier?
Products not shipped on time?
Paid for your order but didn’t receive the products?

With Trade Assurance, your trading problems are solved. If your products are not shipped on time or the product quality does not meet the standards set in your contract, will refund the covered amount of your payment. Trade Assurance is a
free service provided by

Today we talk about the key part “how to make payment?” There are 4 faulty payment methods, VISA, MASTERCARD, T/T and E-Checking.

Related payment methods are shown below:



Except e-Checking, I believe users are familiar with those 3 payment methods because they are the most common type for users, easy to operate and understand. So this time we will introduce e-Checking.

What is E-checking?

E-checking is a new type of credit payment, this payment method is relatively convenient, and irrevocable.

This is currently available only to guests with check accounts in the United States.

The payment steps are as follows:
1. After drafting a letter of credit, after the customer confirms it, the buyer’s order page will prompt three payment methods. Credit card payment, TT payment, E-CHECKING payment.
2. After the customer has made an E-checking payment, the system will prompt him to fill in the account information and guide the guests to verify and authorize the payment.

Guests within 2-3 days after the completion of authorized payment, Alibaba will play two money into the verification, verification will be deducted from the customer account after the payment. There is an email message on the other side of the guest.
and buyer and seller can view them in the order money management
4. When the initial charge of the initial charge, the status of the system order will become: prepaid payment processing – to the money will be prompted to the buyer after delivery.
If the guests are long to take the letter, do not want to go to the bank payment, you can choose E-checking. The first time more trouble, but from the second single will be smooth, aging will be much faster.

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