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Marking Capabilities:High Speed Marking on Any Metal • Jewelry Engraving • Deep Engraving

Fiber laser marking machine have a very  broad applied in various industries recently years. Why is fiber laser marking? Laser marking is the most flexible type of direct part marking available today. The ability to change various laser parameters offers users the ultimate in control, quality and speed versus competitive marking technologies.

 fiber laser marking machine

Features Of Fiber Laser

1.Marks widest variety of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramics & some plastics
2.100,000+ hours of laser life, reducing costs and production downtime.
3.110mm square mark field (other sizes available)
4.No consumables and minimal maintenance help reduce operating costs
5.Mount laser in any orientation
6.Air-cooled 20W-100W models
7.Real-time visible live pointer for previewing your mark
8.Higher beam quality than flash lamp, diode pumped and vanadate, resulting in a high quality mark
9.Integrated safety shutter

As many fiber laser marking factory and trading company apeard in fiber laser marking market. So how to choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine factory to be a good supplier is very important.

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