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Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

In the past years,cutting machine is more and more useful in industry.

As you know,many industrial suppliers use the steel cabinet,especially the stainless steel material careers.

More and more customer need to buy steel cabinet. So the fiber laser cutting machine is getting more and more popular.

Firstly,Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal very fast.Secondly,Laser cutting machine save the cost of making cabinet. Such as fiber laser cutting machine working efficiently. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting metallic materials with excellent characteristics.Thirdly,the cutting plates doesn’t appear uneven edges,burrs,sharp. Finally,the laser cutting machine metals doesn’t need to add other process.It can be used in making cabinet directly.

Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser technology is scalable, power levels are reaching performance parity .As Steel is still the most common material and many cutting process need it.

Other cutting technologies competing with lasers,like including flame cutting, plasma, and water jet.

Each has benefits for specific applications.

For a typical mild steel production cutting environment, customers always compare the Plasma and fiber laser cutting machine. If you want to cut about 3/6 inch,fiber laser cutting machine is faster than Plasma.

But as plate thickness increases, plasma matches and then exceeds laser speed.Where the laser shines, however, is in cut part accuracy, mainly due to the very small width, and heat affected zone. In accuracy terms, lasers can achieve .005-.010 inch levels, while plasma can not get a such levels,about two to three times of this figure.

So what’s the best option? For thin sheet, fiber laser is the dominant technology for high rate cutting, while in thicker sections, CO2 is still preferred for high definition work with good cutting speeds. If accuracy isn’t as critical, plasma is a viable option for thick parts, but as fiber lasers grow in capability, look for high-volume part makers to make the switch.

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Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine






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