The selection of laser marking machine-Angelina

   How to choose laser marking machine

 The laser marking machine, as we all know,sells well in the market. The transaction rate is higher than the cutting machine, if the customer ask for this machine. Therefore, we must grasp the opportunity to increase the transaction rate.

The classification of the machine

There are totally  two types of this  machine, the fiber laser marking machine , and the co2 laser marking machine.



co2 laser marking machinefiber laser marking machine


The difference between the two types lie that: the first photo is to mark wood and leather,whose materials are thicker. The second photo is used to mark non metal, plastic,stainless steel and etc.


 marking samples

co2 marking samples










How to introduce the machine

After receiving the inquiry of the customer, we need to learn about these questions:

1)what  is our customers job

2) What kind of material do they want to mark

3) What about the thickness of the material

4)What is the outcome do they want and etc

Learning about those questions could help us choose suitable machine for them. if the customer wants to mark the wood, leather  materials, we could introduce the first one, tell them that this type is more suitable, if they mark  other materials, like the plastic and much harder material, we could introduce the second one.

There are two types of the two kinds of machine, the desktop and the the mini type.

If the customer wants to a smaller one, we could introduce the mini type, this could save the sapce.

If they don’t consider the space , then we could introduce the desktop one.

Besides, there is another type: the pneumatic dot peen marking machine. This kind of machine is usually used to mark  vehicle chassis number or the motorcycle engine.

There are also two types of them:

 touch screen  typecomputer type

This is the portable type, one is with touch screen, another is with computer.

The Handheld type:

handheld type

This type is easier to operate than the portable one.

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