The pneumatic dot peen marking machine-Angelina

The knowledge of  pneumatic dot peen marking machine

The pneumatic dot peen marking machine, as we know, is different from the other type machine.

It includes three parts: Making head, control box and computer/touch screen. It is used to mark the low requirement of the products.

Such as the motorcycle engine and the VIN.

Here is avideo:

There are totally three kind of this machine, that is desktop type, portable type and the handheld type. Customer could choose according to their own needs.

1.The desktop type machine

desktop type with displaydesktop type with computer


This kind of machine’s working area is 90*110、90*180, it could be also customized. It is used to mark some small parts , like nameplate. and its price is low. stable performance.

The portable type

portable typeportable type


The working area of the portable type is 90*150, it is low heavy and easy to carry everywhere.There is a magnet under the machine, which could be attached the machine. usually used to mark VIN and nameplate

The handheld type

handheld typetouch screen



this type’s working area is 30*110, which is smaller than the other two type. It is used in much larger area.

All of these three kinds of machine are divided into two types, one is with touch screen, another is with computer. The touch screen is more convenient than the computer one.

The diameter of  the cartridge are 80mm,100mm and 125mm, customer could choose it according to their situation.

Here I want to provide some of specific information about the  pneumatic dot peen marking machine, for your reference:

The marking speed  of the machine is 5-10 character/min

The power is nearly 300w

The marking depth is 0.1-1 mm(depend on the material)

The impact frequency is 200- 400Hz

The air supply is 0.3-0.8 Mpa.

The marking direction could be up, down, left, right and radian optional.



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