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Laser marking&engraving machine become more and more popular in handcraft and gift making field. Always we hope to get Personal Tailor product when buy some small piece. With the development of Laser marking&engraving machine , also the Personal Tailor become easier and easier. Among young people, if one gift shop could accept Personal Tailor. it is much more popular than others even its price may little higher.

Now let us see some common Personal Tailor laser marking&engraving application around our life

  • Phone case

Mobile phone have become irreplaceable communication tools in our life, but the common model is limited. We can saw many people use all same phone with ourselves. If we add one personal phone case, everything will be different.

ABS plastic phone case photo marking

Anodized aluminium phone case marking

Now most phone brand use anodized aluminum on the mid-to-high price range, including IPHONE, HUAWEI, Samsung etc brand.

  • Key chains

Key chains is so popular in our life, check your key chains, if you find its surface have some drawing, letter, photo etc. Yes it is laser marking&engraving machine product.

Most key chains are stainless steel or coated non-metal material, both of them could do laser marking&engraving processing.

In winter, stainless steel vacuum cup is very convenient to carry. One simple stainless steel cup may seems monotonous. But if we mark some drawing on the surface, all will be different

Except above common product in our life, nearly all small piece could saw the laser marking&engraving. such as pen, notebook, necklace etc. All of these product will use laser marking & engraving machine.

Laser marking&engraving machine sample
cup marking

Laser marking & engraving machine is easy on operation, even one green hand also can use it very well within 1 day.

Also, it is maintenance free machine, except electric power cost, it have no any other quick wear parts. Also this is why laser marking & engraving machine become so popular now.

If also you are interested in laser marking & engraving machine, pls let me know it.

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