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With the development of laser technology, more and more new laser type rise. Laser application become wider and wider, also many new application rise in our life. MOPA fiber laser marking machine is one newest laser type.

Compared with ordinary fiber laser marking machine, mopa fiber laser marking machine is much more expensive.  In this case, when we should use ordinary laser and when we should use mopa laser?

MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Ordinary fiber laser marking machine is q-switch laser, its pulse width is fixed. Usually we use it on metal material marking. Different with Q-switch laser, mopa laser pulse width is adjust. This is the biggest different between ordinary laser and mopa laser.

Due to this point, mopa fiber laser marking machine  have two main advantage. One is color marking on stainless steel, another one is black color marking on anodized aluminum.

Color marking on Stainless Steel

Ordinary fiber laser marker also can do some simple color on stainless steel. But the marking performance is not bright,it seems dark. Mopa laser marker can do very beautiful color on stainless steel. Such as blue, red, pink, purple, black etc.

Share color marking video with you.

Black color marking on anodized aluminum

Mopa fiber laser marker’s another advantage is black marking on anodized aluminum. Ordinary fiber laser machine can only make white and grey color on anodized aluminum. But mopa fiber laser can mark very beautiful black color. Also this is one of the most popular application.

We know many mobile case is anodized aluminum, such iPhone case, also they use mopa laser do IMEI number and serial number.

Except industry application, there is many handcraft manufacturer use mopa laser do DIY design on anodized aluminum case. It can do pattern marking, letter marking etc on case.

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