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The current metal fiber laser cutting machine is the latest international metal cutting machine equipment. Considering achieve automatic cutting, need to know such reason:

(1)The output of high energy density laser beam.

(2) The laser beam gathered in the processing of the workpiece surface.

(3) Instantly achieve materialization and gasification equipment.

Open Type Fiber Laser

For the previously use gas laser machine, metal fiber laser cutting machine has a clear cutting advantages. It also has now become a high-precision laser processing, laser radar systems and other areas of the important choice.

For the bevel cutting, tube cutting can achieve high-precision cutting, and cutting edge neat, smooth.  Metal fiber laser cutting machine is not only suitable for the cutting of metal sheet. At the same time metal fiber laser cutting machine in the supplies, efficiency and environmental protection. But also the world’s leading technology products. The correct useage is conducive to the equipment life and cutting effect has a very good help.

How to correctly use metal fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Keep the metal fiber laser cutting machine often clean the rails to ensure that the equipment should always wipe the normal rack, rails. To be regularly cleaned and lubricants. Lubricants to ensure that no debris. The same also need to clean the oil on the oil, so it is conducive to the machine in the process of moving. And can accurately cut to ensure that cut out the product quality improvement.

2. Once a week through the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and debris in the machine, and all the electrical cabinet off dust.

3. Every six months to detect the optical fiber laser cutting machine track straightness and the machine perpendicularity. If found abnormal should be timely maintenance and debugging. Did not do this, it is possible to cut out the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the quality of cutting. This is the top priority, must be done.
4. Maintain regular inspection of the fiber laser belt to ensure that the tension, exemption caused the staff to be injured. Or in the operation of a problem, there may be hurt people, serious can lead to death. Steel looks like a small thing, a problem is still a bit serious.

5. Double focal length laser cutting head is a laser cutting machine on the vulnerable items, long-term use, resulting in laser cutting head damage.

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