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Laser welding machine widely used for all kinds metal weld. Like mold laser welding machine, metal parts laser welding machine and jewelry laser welding machine.

What is laser welding?

Laser welding machine  is the physical connection of metals by forming atomic relations, between them¾as opposed to soldering, for example, in which metals are joined by melting additional material. The physical joining of the metals through welding is achieved through heating, or through plastic transformation¾or through both.

Laser welding machine is ideal for joining components, made of materials with a high melting point and high heat conductivity. Due to the small amount of molten material and the short, controllable melting period, some materials can be joined that otherwise could not be welded. Laser welding machine is also ideal for hard to access areas and for extremely small components.

laser welding machine

The main steps of the laser welding machine process are:

1. The laser focus spot is targeted on the workpiece surface to be welded.

2. At the workpiece surface the concentration of light energy converts into thermal energy (heat).

3. The heat causes the surface of the material to melt, which progresses through the surface by the process of surface conductivity.

4. Throughout the welding the beam energy level is maintained below the vaporization temperature of the workpiece material.

laser welding machine

The laser weld quality is high, producing narrow and non-porous weld seams. It is also possible to achieve different weld depths, from surface welds (conduction mode welding) to keyhole welds (penetration mode welding). The finishing standard of laser welding is also very high and requires no post-weld grinding or handling. The welding speed is determined by the amount of power applied as well as by the type and thickness of the workpieces.

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