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Jewelry Laser System

Today’s manufacturing and retail jewelers have a wide range of new technologies available to enhance their ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and service to their clients. One of the fastest growing technologies is the use of laser systems for jewelry. Laser is an alternative to traditional methods of welding, engraving and cutting of metals. Laser technology takes jewelry artistry and craftsmanship to the next level.  XT LASER has been working with the Jewelry Laser System since 2004, giving us 13 years of experience.

XT LASER offers laser systems and solutions for a wide range of laser applications, such as jewelry, watch and optical repair markets. We offer laser system for laser welding, engraving and cutting that are specifically designed for jewelry production and repair.

Laser Welding Jewelry

Laser welding allows precious metals and many other alloys to be joined together without the use of solder or torches. It is strong even in areas which are difficult to access with traditional joining technologies. In general if you can see the joint – it may be laser welding product. Laser welders have become a must-have tool for jewelers doing jewelry repairs. As well as it help jewelers do some designs that would not have been easily produced prior to this technology.

Jewelry Laser System

Laser Engraving Jewelry

Laser engraving is an alternative to traditional engraving methods, such as mechanical engraving, pad printing, stamping and chemical etching. The laser systems are computer-controlled and environmentally friendly. Also it offer the lasting and non-touch engravings onto almost any type material, including precious metals. Higher powered laser engraving systems are also able to cut thin metals. We can use them creat monogram, name necklaces and other complex design.

Laser Cutting Jewelry

Laser cutting of precious metals allow jewelry manufacturers to produce complex components. Not only it keep them have the highest precision in both large and small batches, but also saving time and money in the process. Actually laser cuts nearly used on commonly metal alloys, including precious metals. But it have excellent cutting quality in fine and filigree designs.


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