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Jewelry laser welding machine have very very fast developing speed recently years. Nearly all jewelry company have one even several sets laser welding machine in their workshop.

With laser welding machine, we can weld jag than inlay diamond. also we can weld some small chain and many different jewelry product.

Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

We have three type of jewelry laser welding machine, pls check follows information.

  1. laser welding machine with outside water chillier

    Outside water chillier jewelry laser welding machine is most popular now. its welding body and water chillier is separate. So if some parts broken it is easy to repair.

    This machine type have very long time development. All things are mature and it have the best stability and welding performance. Even it have large floor space people still like it.

    jewelry laser welding machine
    jewelry laser welding machine
  2. laser welding machine with inside water chillier

    Inside water chillier laser welding machine is one new machine type. we narrow its water chillier and put it under the power supply.

    jewelry laser welding machine
    inside water chillier laser welding machine
  3. desk type top laser welding machine

    Desk type laser welding machine is the smallest one. its size is very small and we can put it on desk. this machine type only 100kg and so convenient for moving.

laser welding machine


According to our detail request, we can select different machine when we buy jewelry laser welder,

If you have enough working space, outside water chillier type is the best choice.

If your working space is limited and want to move machine conveniently, desk type is the best choice. This machine use integrated circuit on power supply. its price is little higher than other type.


Jewelry product is common in our life, especially in India and Middle east. Nearly every people have many set rings, bracelet, necklace etc. So jewelry laser welding machine have very big market in these country. If you want to build new business on laser machine. this is the best choice.


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