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Iron casting VS Thick plate welding machine bed

First of all, there will surely be some faults in Iron casting machine bed, especially for current factories, who produce machine beds. Most of them only choose some mixed, not good quality irons, as a result, machine quality can not be assured.

Also, in market, total weight of iron casting machine bed is no heavier than 3 tons, which is absolutely terrible. This is surely because manufacturers want to make more profits, so they use less materials. Because normally one standard 1530 iron casting machine bed is at least 4-5 tons.

All in all, some suppliers only use IRON CASTING MACHINE BED for an advertisement.

Second, Casting Iron Machine Body will have many bubble inside and we can’t check it by ordinary equipment. these bubble will make bed not solid. After long time running. Machine bed may breakage

Third ,once the screws on machine bed are loose, hard to fix it.During fiber laser cutting machine running processing, there is many shake, after several months, machine bed have big problem

XT LASER choose Thick plate welding machine bed

  1. This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure, it is produced by relief annealing, so the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.
  1. For thick plate welding machine bed, inside the metal plates are solid. So, even after long time of running, it will still remain stable.
  1. After long time of using , some screws may become loose, but do not worry. Because you just make screws more tight, that is all.

No need worry about loose screws.

Casting Aluminium Gantry VS Manganese Steel Gantry

In fact, nowadays, in market, there are two common gantries, one is Welding Tube Gantry & Casting Aluminium Gantry.

Welding Tube Gantry, this gantry is too heavy, so it will restrict accelerating speed of machine. And then Casting Aluminium Gantry was born.

But Casting Aluminium Gantry , it is light, and can make accelerating speed higher.

But it has no same rigidity as Welding Tube Gantry, so there will surely happen: Loose screws, Deformation .etc . These problems will occur after a period of time.

What is worse, in market, most of the Casting Aluminium Gantry is never under Hot Treatment, so there will be 0.05- 0.1mm deformation after one year or two years. This will be terrible.

XT LASER does so much research on market, and our R & D Department applies Manganese Steel to make Gantry.

Manganese Steel Gantry combines all of advantages between Welding Tube Gantry & Casting Aluminium Gantry.

Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry , but also has better flexibility and rigidity than Welding Tube Gantry.

Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.

The biggest advantages, the rate of deformation in Manganese Steel Gantry is only 1/3 to Welding Tube Gantry.


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