The introduction of the laser welding machine

Today I meet with a customer from Russia, he wants to a Jewelry welding machine, now I want to share some information about the Jewelry welding machine,hoping it could bring help to yours.

1. The characteristic of the laser welding machine





2.The type of the laser welding machine

1)Jewelry welding machine

2)Mould laser welding machine

3)Scanner laser welding machine

4)Advertisement word  laser welding machine


Now I want to focus on the Jewelry welding machine.

2.1 The  Jewelry welding machine

2.1.1  The classification of the Jewelry welding machine.

Here are three types of Jewelry welding machine, namely detached type , AIO type and desktop typeJewelry laser welding machine

2.1.2 The applied area of the Jewelry welding machine

This machine is mainly used in jewelry industry,it has many advantages, such as small-sized,stable performance, high price-quality ratio and low supplies.Besides , different type has different advantages.


2.1.3 The main parts of  Jewelry welding machine

cabinet/ laser power/cooling system/laser generator/light guide focus system/viewing system





I will show u some photos of the samples:

2.2 Mould laser welding machine

The Mould laser welding machine are totally divided into two types: the standard and the  crane, which is mainly used for repairing moulds. The advantages of this kind of machine are the same as the jewelry laser machine. The working area is 200x200x200, it also could be customized.

mould laser welding machine

Besides the above two types, we also have the Scanner laser welding machine and Advertisement word  laser welding machine.Nearly all these types are applied widely in the market. We could introduce different type according to the different needs of our customer.

The laser  welding  machine has a large of market in recent years, so we must pay  more attention to the laser welding machine, try our best to research it. In the last, I will display some of the samples of the laser welding machine, hoping it will leave a deeper impression.


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