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How to distinguish fiber laser and CO2 laser cutting machine

Recently years fiber laser cutting machine is extensive and appied in heavy industry. It has instead of CO2 laser cutting machine is especially in metal building, auto manufacture industry and metal door industry, etc. But many customers still unknown why fiber laser cutting machine has a more wider market then CO2 laser cutting machine. Here is some information help you distinguish fiber laser and CO2 laser.

Applied to different materials

CO2 laser wavelength is 10.64um, and fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm. CO2 laser is relatively easy to be non-metallic absorption, can be high-quality cutting wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials. Because fiber laser is not easy to be non-metallic absorption, so it can not cut non-metallic materials. Fiber laser mainlly cut metal like stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal.

Difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser transmission

Because of  the wavelength difference between CO2 and fiber laser is an order of magnitude, CO2 laser can not be transmitted with fiber, but fiber laser can be transmitted, So fiber laser greatly increasing the degree of flexibility of processing. Because of CO2 laser is expensive and high maintenance requirements, so it has gradually lost the market. Fiber laser can be transmitted through the optical fiber to improve the degree of flexibility, fiber laser cutting machine especially used for the automotive industry and metal door build industry.  Fiber laser has low cost, less trouble, easy maintenance and high speed, so it firmly occupy the market.

Photoelectric conversion rate is high

Fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25% or more, while CO2 laser photoelectric conversion rate is only about 10%.
Also fiber laser has quite obvious advantages in the electricity consumption, supporting the cooling system, etc. And it also can cut thick plate and stable and reliable. So fiber laser cutting machine come to a wider market instead of CO2 laser cutting macine.

With the development of technology, fiber laser cutting machine has advantages in metal cutting.

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