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The introduction of handheld fiber laser marking machine

As we know,Handheld fiber lase  marker machine, belongs to Mini type fiber laser making machine, which is lighter than the desktop,and  it is small in size, could help save space.

This handheld fiber laser marker mainly use for big size object marking, like oil pipe, also such kind of products are very heavy, and it is also not easy to put them under the laser head, to do the marking work.

For Such products we can separate the laser head from the cabinet.


handheld type marking machine

Also from the picture above, we could notice  that machine before separating, the laser head is same as the machine with the portable type, and which is explained below:

handheld marking machine photo

The handheld fiber laser marker machine is the same to other types. And it can mark on plastic, stainless steel, metal and etc.

Its power has 20w, 30w, 50w, customers could choose according to different requirements.

Features and application of Handheld  fiber laser marker:

1.We can separate the laser head from the cabinet,and this machine apply to any angle to mark.Removable integrated system design makes it more convenient for customers to use.
2.This machine mainly marks big size object ,like oil pipe,such kind of products are very heavy.

3.Laser all-fiber design ensures high reliability of the laser,without any optics to adjust collimating.

4.Using environment is liberal,like indoor and outdoor , it is easy to carry.

Net weight: 30 kg


  •  Comparing with traditional YAG or CO2 laser machine,fiber laser marking machine is more efficient, it osare only 1/10 of fiber laser machine. Low Consumption in energy ,which can help you attract government grant on energy saving
  • Fiber lasers marking machine is free maintenance and long working life. For long-term consideration, the cost is much lower than other laser marking machine.

There is a  lamp cover installed in the field lens, aiming to fix the marking area, so that customer could mark the ideal outcome.

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