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How to Select Laser Machines: Main Parts of Laser Marking Machine

Laser source is the core part of laser marking machine. In the last blog(For New Users 4-How to Select Laser Machines: Main Parts of Laser Marking Machine), i have introduced the details of laser source and their quality level. Hope it could help you some for your selection of laser machines.

After that, let us go on introducing other parts of laser marking machine.

  1.  Laser Galvo Head/Laser Scanner

Laser scanner is also called laser galvanometer. It composes of X-Y optical scanning head, electronic drive amplifier and optical reflector. The signal provided by the computer controller drives the optical scanning head through amplifying circuit. Thus it can achieve to control the deflection of the laser beam in the X-Y plane. Same as shown blow:

fiber-laser-galvo-head 1









There are Germany Scanlab, China Century Sunny and Sino brand laser scanner.

Quality and price level: Germany Scanlab>China Century Sunny > Sino brand

Below are their photos.











2.  F-Theta lens or F-θ lens











a) According to the wavelength, F-theta lens consists of 1064nm lens (also known as YAG lens), 10.6 micron lens (also called CO2 lens), 532nm lens (also called green light lens) and 355nm lens (also called UV lens). the popular brand in China market is Wavelength from Singapore. There is also

raylase, but only few customer chose it.


b) Standard Scanning scope are 110 * 110mm, 200 * 200mm, 300 * 300mm. And extra scope has 50 * 50mm, 75 * 75mm and 175 * 175mm etc

The larger lens scanning scope it is, of course, the more popular it is among customers. But if  it increases the scanning scope, beam spot becomes larger and the distortion rate will be increased. In addition, focal length and the working distance should be larger. The extension of the working distance will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy. And the beam diameter after focusing is proportional to the focal length. It means that as the scanning range is increased, the beam diameter of the focus will also increase. And the spotlight is not sufficiently thin, and the power density decreases very fast. Thus it is not conducive to processing.

So the users according to the different processing area should choose the most suitable scope lens. Or you can stock several different scanning scopes of field lens.


c) Focus length:

100*100mm F=160mm 200*200mm F=290mm 300*300mm F=420mm


More details of laser marking machine will be updated soon.






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