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As we all know fiber laser metal sheet cutting machine can have a great work on different metal sheet. Like stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet…today we will talk the main part and configuration of the machine.

Main part of fiber laser metal sheet cutting machine

1. Fiber laser source:

Fiber laser metal sheet cutting machine include 7 parts. Laser source, cutting head, control system, drive motor, transmission system, auxiliary system and machine bed.

Laser source is the heart of the whole machine. The most import part of the machine. More than half the value of the whole machine.

1.1 Brand: IPG, Raycus, Nlight and Max

Analyzation: IPG : The best quality in the world, Germany brand.

Raycus: The best quality in China, it’s many customers first choice, Cost-effective

Nlight:It can have a good working specialized on high reflection metal

Max: We used it years ago, high failure rate and regular maintenance, also the customer feedback is not so good, we already stop using it.

2. Cutting head:

Directly work to the metal sheet, it’s a part we need take care of.

2.1 Brand: Raytools, Precite

Analyzation: Raytools: 500W, 750W mainly use the BT210 type, because the poor heat dissipation is not suitable for thick                                   plate; Above the 1000W, BT240 type is a good choice; Also, there is a Auto-focus type. It depending on customers                         requirements, but for 3000W, most customer will choose it.

Precite: It’s the Germany brand, so we all know it’s good quality. But we need pay attention to the reliable, some                              factory use the fake brand to earn the money.

2.2 Single spray and double spray

Usually, when we cut the stainless steel, we will choose the single spray. For carbon steel, double spray is a good choice. The metal sheet thicker, the nozzle is bigger.

Please check the picture: Lest side is double spray. Right side is single spray.


3. Control system:

It’s the brain of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Brand: Cyput from Shanghai

Analyzation: Most of the Chines factory use this brand. Stable performance, simple operation。


The drive motor, transmission system, auxiliary system and machine bed will be talked on my next article, if you have any thoughts about it, just leave your comments.


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