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Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Bird rings marking

Resently years fiber laser marking machine for bird rings have a much wider market in the world. And many animal tools companies inquiry fiber laser machine from China.

Recently many bird rings manufctures are interested in  fiber laser machine for bird rings marking. Many clients usually use fiber laser marking machine for marking numbers or bar code on bird rings. So sharing some information with you.

fiber laser machine for bird rings:

Firstly,we must to know your request for your bird rings.

The material of your bird rings, marking contents, diameter of your bird rings, also there are some companies need the marking speed.

Material for marking decide what kind laser source for you.

  • marking black or white on stainless steel, fiber laser marking machine can match you.
  • then want mark color on stainless steel, you can choose MOPA laser marking machine.
  • also want mark on plastic fiber laser marking machine also can do that, but as our experience UV laser marking machine is more suitable

Marking contents decide the suitable laser power for you.

Diameter decide the what rotary for you.

The marking speed is not very important usually, if you really need a more higher speed to a large amount marking. Pls tell us so that we can offer you suitable machine configurations and parameters.

According to the  fiber laser marking machine for  bird rings experience,there are several better designed machine for different customers,sharing with you:

Following is the mini type fiber laser marking fixture:

mini fiber laser marking machine














Here is bird rings marking sample ,pls check it:

No matter where you want to mark, our marking machine can match your demind.

Sharing the videos with you:

If you want to know more details , please don’t hesitate tell me: