Fiber laser jewelry cutting system:Charry

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system.

Considering the current trend toward personal in jewelry, creating name jewelry quickly popular. And accurately to order with a laser engraving machine is beneficial in today’s market.Cause it can require special designs.

In minutes, the Fiber laser jewelry cutting system can cut patterns,rather than by hand to take several hours.

Firstly,What Metals?

All jewelry metals, precious and non-precious.From gold and silver to brass.For cutting out pendants, charms, keepsakes.

As a general rule for name jewelry designs, from 0 mm to 2mm ,is no problem.

These three popular metals used in name jewelry designs:

  • Gold cuts well, because it is a good conductor of thermal energy, but proper settings for the metal are required.
  • Silver is tough to work with because it retains heat from the laser. And can start to flex and warp when you are working with it. To prevent this from happening, heat-sink the silver using a bracket or clamp fixture to transfer heat away from the affected area.

Secondly,Laser Cutting Names

Depending on the power of the laser engraving machine, the thickness of the metal, and the intricacy of the design.

When cutting such pieces, try the following tips:

  • When it comes to font choice, stick with those that have uniform widths across all letters—no super narrow areas.
  • When in doubt, select the bold feature on a font to enhance the strength of the letters and reduce the kerning.
  • To save the step of soldering on rings for attaching a necklace to a name pendant. And program the machine to cut an eyelet on each side of the piece . Engraved patterns and textures are also no problem.
  • Polishing and Cleaning.With a smooth surface ready for polishing.

Collect cut-out sections of precious metal designs.To use one filter collect the dust in the cutting process.

Following with the cutting video:

Cutting samples:

Fiber laser jewelry cutting system





Jewelers looking for new items to add to their product line.They would do well to consider name cut outs.Buying fiber laser marking machinery they can provide custom designs for customers.

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