fiber laser cutting machine for pipe: Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine for pipe

Fiber laser cutting machine for pipe,which is has been a trend of the pipe cutting field.

For now,which kind of machine you are using for pipe cutting?

Have you tried the fiber laser cutting machine for pipe?

Many of our customers choose the fiber laser cutting machine, before their choice of we XTLASER,had a long time considering among many suppliers.

The most important reason they choose is: the quality with suitable price.


How to make sure the quality?

Its better to have a visiting of machine factory,to see the real fiber laser cutting machine for pipe cutting,see the cutting process,the frame of the machine,the weight of the machine,the real machine configurations brand, they used on the fiber laser machine.Evidence will tell you everything,not just believe their words or machine quotation list.

And the cutting process,the cutting speed and great cutting effect,without any black side. Thats better.

For the frame,you should focus on the stability of the machine body,and when cutting pipe,the laser head with shake or not?

For the weight of the machine,maybe when you are in the factory,you can not know the real machine weight,but we can tell you that for the machine weight,the high speed fiber laser cutting machine body is about5.5ton,the usual one is 4.5ton. If some suppliers tell you their machine body is more than 6ton,you have to focus on their honesty.

pipe cutting fiber laser









Before your purchasing,the comparison of the price is really important,but one thing is not just focus on the lower price.

And many customers prefer the lower price,but if you keep looking for the fiber laser cutting machine in China market,you will find lower and lower price,thats the China market.

Do not be lost in lower price.

Sharing the pictures of fiber laser cutting machine for pipe with you:

fiber laser cutting machine for tube







And some samples from our fiber laser cutting machine:

tube laser cutting samples









More details ,we can have a further discussion.