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Before fiber laser cutting machine arise, plasma cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine have a wide application on metal cutting fields. On thick plate cutting fields, co2 laser cutting machine is mature and occupy most market.

Several years ago when fiber laser cutting machine just arise in the market, most of them is low power laser and used on thin metal cutting. Especially on stainless steel cutting fields, its cutting thickness less than 5mm.

New development of Fiber laser cutting machine

With the development of laser technology, low power fiber laser source have become more and more mature. Recent years more and more manufacturers devote to high power fiber laser cutter and hope it can replace co2 laser on thick plate cutting. Sch as IPG, Trumpf etc, all of them have work out large power laser source reach to 4000w 6000w 8000w, even 10000w. The best China brand laser source Raycus also made 4000w and 6000w laser source. They prefer fiber laser cutting machine can replace co2 laser cutting machine in all metal market.

Why fiber laser cutting machine better than large power co2 laser cutting machine?

Compared with co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutter have large advantage.

1. Photoelectric conversion efficiency:

Fiber laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 30%. It is 3 times of CO2 laser cutting machine. So it can save so much energy.

2. Excellent beam quality:

Fiber laser have smaller focus spot, more fine cutting lines and high cutting efficient. So its cutting quality is better.

3. Low maintenance cost:

Except electric power and auxiliary gas, its quick-wear parts just have nozzle, protective lens, focus lens, ceramic rings etc. Usually we need change some of them 2~3 months. Also its price is very low, usually not more than 100usd/piece. 

4. Easy operation:

Fiber laser cutting machine don’t need adjust laser path before using. We just need control its work by computer and hand shank.

5. Stability:

Fiber laser cutting machine’s power source is laser source. Its working life more than 100,000 hours and broken rate less then 1%.

Of course fiber laser cuter also have some disadvantage. For large power fiber laser cutting machine, its buying price may be higher than co2 laser, plasma cutting etc traditional cutting equipment. But now its price is declining continue, it will be have similar price in the near future.

fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine


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