Fiber laser cutting machine: How to choose your working table –Clara

Iron Casting working table

Last article we talked about the pipe welded working table of the fiber laser cutting machine. Today we will continue the topic of working table of fiber laser cutting machine. We will tell you the reasons why not choosing Iron Casting working table.

Iron casting working table, which is pouring metal water into a finished mould in breifly, will perform worse than others in tensile strength, plasticity and toughness.

Due to the air and uneven heating, there is bound to some bubbles during the production process. Since there are bubbles, and these bubbles will inevitably affect the accuracy and balance of the working table.

And due to the brittleness of iron casting, once there is a screw loosing, you can never put them back and the machine bed will be broken apart gradually.

What’s more, current factories who produce machine beds, most of them only choose some mixed, not good quality irons. As a result, machine quality cannot be assured.

Also, in market, total weight of iron casting machine bed is not heavier than 3 tons, which is absolutely terrible. This is surely because manufacturers want to make more profits, so they use less materials. Because one standard 1530 iron casting bed is at least 4-5 tons normally.

All in all, some suppliers only use IRON CASTING working table for an advertisement.

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