Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

                   Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years fiber laser cutting machine have a big market. Many companies appeared in the market. Fiber laser cutting machine mainly used in bulding industy.  metal processing is one of the most important field in heavy industry, fiber metal laser cutting machine is a necessary equipment for it.

What material fiber laser cutting machine can cut?

Fiber laser cutting machine are used in all metal cutting, mainly cutting on stainless steel and carbon steel. As the hardness is different between stainless steel and carbon steel, so different power needed in cutting two kind material. For example, with 1kw fiber laser cutting machine we can cut 10mm carbon steel. But can only cut 5mm stainless steel. So we can know stainless steel is harder to cut than carbon steel. According to our experience and the customers’ feedback, fiber laser cutting machine can cut max 8mm stainless steel and 20mm carbon steel.

Fiber laser cutting machine also can cut aluminum and copper. Aluminum, brass and copper are high-reflective material,  it is not easy to cut with fiber laser cutting machine. High-reflective material will reflect laser light then may hurt laser source and waist laser power. So there is some special protective way for laser source. There is a high quality laser source: n-LIGHT laser source. It has a extra protective lens in laser source. When cutting material reflect laser light back to laser source, it will prevent laser light to save the power.



What product fiber laser cutting machine can cut:

Fiber laser cutting machine can cut plate and pipe.

  • Plate cutting

The plate metal standard size as follows: 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm and 2000*4000mm. so the machine’s standard working table is 1500*3000mm. We can produce non-standard working table according to your request.

  • Tube cutting

There are two kind shape of tube, like round tube and square tube. Both of them can cut. So we have two model tube laser cutting machine, lengh is  3M tube cutting and 6m tube cutting. Tube diameter from 30mm to 160mm. Of course, we can do customized machine according to your tube diameter.

Tubes fiber metal laser cutting machine XTC-T60016

  • Plate and tube cutting

We also have one machine which can both cut plate and tube. When customer both need cut tube and plate, this machine is good choice.

tube and plate metal laser cutting machine

We are a fiber laser machine manufacture from 2004, we have a series of fiber laser machine. If you want to know more information about fiber laser cutting machine, pls contact me.



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