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Enclosed fiber laser marking machine

Enclosed fiber laser marking machine, with its beautiful appearance, high quality, appropriate price, and great price-quality ratio, is popular among the European market, most of European customers would like to choose this one. Here put one photo for your reference:

enclosed fiber laser marking machine



Europe clients will mostly like to choose this type of machine, this type of machine has protective cover , electric lifting pillar,  In front of the cabinet,

there is also one small window.Through which we can observe the marking process.

For the purpose of protection,we have added one function.

i.e. the machine will not mark when the door is open, this also means marking is only possible when the door will be closed.

The height of box after packing the machine is about the 173cm, so when we have to ship by Air, we need to contact the freight forwarder to check,

if there is a big cargo plane to carry this machine.


Besides, this type of machine has many advantages:

1.It only occupies a small space, and it is  convenient to move. If clients’ room space is limited, he could choose this one

2.It has a protective cover, so that  the parts could be protected, increasing the longevity of the machine.

3.The machine is beautiful in appearance, its white&orange color would give u eye enjoyment.

2. Fiber laser marking machine features:

  1. All-in-one machine is with manual focusing system and easy operation.
  2. Laser beam quality is much better than traditional one.
  3. Total electricity consumption is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of YAG’s.
  4. Free maintenance, long working life, low consumption , suitable for any working environment.
  5. High marking speed, 2-3 times of traditional marking machine.
  6. Portable machine. small size, in light weight.
  7. Suitable for markings, engravings, and cuttings in majority of nonmetallic materials
  8. Easy operating, great stability
  9. Perfect performance, 24 hours continuous working ability



enclosed fiber laser marking machine

enclosed fiber marker

3.Shape dimension:


Net weight:129kg

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