Different laser power for different marking outcome-Angelina

Fiber laser cutting machine functions

It is known to all that fiber laser marking machine, with different powers could achieve different outcome.

Therefore, how could the customer choose this machine according to their own needs?

fiber laser marking machine

1.The marking outcome of fiber laser marking machine

At first, we must figure our what kind of marking outcome the customer want to achieve. Then we could introduce different machine to him.

For example, if they only want to achieve  appearance marking, or they do not have depth needs.

Then we should introduce the 20w marking machine, including many different types: desktop, Mini, handheld or portable.

Introducing different machine according to customer’s needs, small room, so could mini type, big space, then the  desktop is more suitable..

2.Processing material of the customer:

Bar coding engraving, Matrix code engraving, Stock Number engraving.

Production date engraving, logo engraving, Personalized gifts sculpture, etc

Here is a sheet for your reference:

Laser Power 10W    20W     
Laser Brand Germany IPG Fiber /Raycus Fiber
Galvo Scanner  USA or Germany made or China made optional
Laser wave length 1064nm
engraving Area 70×70mm   110×110mm   160×160mm optional
engraving speed ≤7000mm/s
engraving depth 0.05~0.5 mm (accord to the material)
Mini.Line width 0.01mm
Mini.character 0.1mm
Cooling way  Air cooling
Support software





User friendly interface
set and deal different layers graphic in seperate
Support PLT,PCX, AL, DXF, BMP,JPG formats file
compatible AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc software
Proprietary software for laser marking machine



convenient control, set & deal separately
Automatic serialization, date coding
letter, symbol, pattern, figure, image, bar code, 2D code auto

arrangement and amendment

Optional device On-line flying engraving, Rotary engraving

3.Engraving material reference

Materials engrave   engrave  
Stainless Steel/


Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotube  
Makrolon polycarbonate Carbon Nanotube  
Bayers Bayblend FR Clear coat anodized aluminum  
Brass Cobalt Chrome Steel  
Black/White ABS Colored Delrin (Black, Brown)  
Silicon Carbide Compacted Powder Iron /Iron Phosphate Coating  
White PEEK Copper  
GE Plastics Polycarbonate Resin DAP – Diallyl Phthalate  
Glass filled PEEK GE Plastics Polycarbonate Resin 121-R  
Glass filled teflon Silicon Steel  
Hard coat anodized aluminum Yellow Chromate Aluminum    
Machine Tool Steel Nickel Plated Brass/Gold/Kovar/steel  
Magnesium Nylon  
Metal Plated Ceramics Polybutylene Terephthalate  
Molybdenum Polysulphone  
Nickel Plated 1215 Mild Steel Rynite PET  
Silicon Wafers Santoprene  
Zinc Plated Mild Steel Various Inconel Metals (Nickel-Chromium

Super Alloys

If the customer do not need appearance marking but deep engraving, then we  should introduce ate least 30w machine.

30w machine could engrave 0.7mm silver-gold

50w machine could engrave 1.5mm gold/ 1.5mm silver

some samples:

engraving sample

deep engraving sample


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