Difference between YAG Laser and Fiber laser cutting machine in China!-Angie


Following is a brief introduction of characteristics of YAG laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine in China:


First type is YAG laser, YAG solid laser cutting machine has the features of low price and good stability, but low energy efficiency < 3%, most of the current product output power under 800 w, due to the smaller output energy, it is mainly used for punching and cutting of sheet.


Main disadvantages and disadvantages: can only cut 8 mm below the material, and the cutting efficiency is quite low


Main market positioning: cutting below 8 mm, mainly for self-use type of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose processing requirements are not high, home appliance manufacturing, kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturing, decoration, advertising and other industry users.


The second type is fiber laser cutting machine in China. It can be transferred through optical fiber, flexible degree increased a lot, less point of failure, maintenance is convenient, fast speed, so when cutting thin plate within 4 mm fiber cutting machine has a great advantage.


The wavelength of the fiber laser cutting machine is 1.06 um, not easily absorbed by nonmetal, so can’t cut non-metallic materials. But Optical fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate can reach higher than 25%.


Main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, less power consumption, can cut within 12 mm stainless steel plate, 20mm carbon steel plate, is the fastest machine for cutting thin plate in laser cutting machine, cutting cerf is small, light are of good quality and can be used for precision cutting(Fiber laser cutting machine in China).


Main disadvantages and shortcomings: the main market positioning: 12 mm below the cutting, especially sheet high precision machining, mainly aimed at to the manufacturer of high precision and efficiency requirement, It is estimated that with the advent of 5000 w and above laser, optical fiber laser cutting machine will eventually replace high power CO2 laser cutting machine for most of the market.

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