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Difference between Q switch & Mopa laser: Many of our clients’ show great interests in the difference between Mopa and Q switch laser.

Cause our clients will choose to know the difference between Mopa & Q switch.

  1. Application of absorbing the oxygen aluminium in Difference between Q switch and Mopa laser

Nowadays,  many electronics products are becoming more and more thin. Currently, many of mobile phone, I – Pad, computer, takes the thin oxygen aluminium as the cover of their products.  When they using the Q Switch laser source for marking  on the thin aluminium, the materials will be deformed. It will affect the good outlook of beauty. Using the Mopa marking machine, it uses the adjustable pulse width, which cannot let the products deformed, and also makes it more white. Because there is adjustable and small pulse width to shorten the time of contacting materials. It can also provide the high centralized energy to absorb the anodic layer. So it will be a good choice to clean the anodic layer on the thin oxygen aluminium. It is because the difference between Q switch & Mopa.

2. Application of marking black on oxygen aluminium in Difference between Q switch and Mopa laser

Using fiber laser to mark black on oxygen aluminium surface, such as black logo, types, series number, letters, and so on. It can be used in the electronics products cover, such as Iphone, Zhongxin, Lenovo, and Meizu.  During this application, only Mopa can do this work.  Because of it’s wide Pulse width, and adjustable range of pulse frequency – Narrow Pulse Width & High Laser Power’s parameter. It can make black on the metal surface.

It can make different grey level with different parameter makeup.


3. Application  of electronics & semiconductor & ITO high precision processing field in Difference between Q switch and Mopa laser

In the electronics & semiconductor & ITO high precision processing field. It will need the high accuracy line’s application. Q Switch cannot adjust the pulse width, due to it’s structure, so it will be so hard to make the line’s precision. Because mopa is with the adjustable pulse width, and frequency parameters.  It can be with high precision line. The edge can be more smooth.

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Difference-between-Mopa-Q Switch
Difference-between-Mopa-Q Switch


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