How Fiber Laser Marking Machine Components Affect Function? – Betty

Breif Description of components-fiber-laser-marking-machine

Components-fiber-laser-marking-machine: There are a lot of factors can affect the operation and function of a fiber laser marking machine. Such as workers’ working experience, skill, assemble rules and procedure. Among them, the most important one is the components quality/brands.

desktop-fiber-laser-marking-machinefiber laser marking machine

  1. Fiber Laser source of components-fiber-laser-marking-machine

Main brands are Raycus, Maxphotonics, CAS, JPT, Super laser from China, IPG from Germany. Most popular ones for exporting are Raycus and IPG, which has best stable function.



  1. Galvo head of components-fiber-laser-marking-machine

Main brands are Sino, Century sunny and Galvotech from China, and Scanlab from Germany. Most popular ones are Sino, Century sunny and Scanlab. But Scanlab is very expensive compared with China brands. Generally Sino and Century sunny is good enough to use.



  1. F-theta lens

Most common and stable one are wavelength from Singapore.





  1. Control board & marking software

Main brands are JCZ from Beijing and Samlight from Germany. JCA is more welcomed because of its lower price, stable function and easy-operation interface.

Control- card

  1. Computer

Lenovo, Philips and other widely know brands are all ok to use. People are all very familiar with this brands.

  1. Lifting pillar of components-fiber-laser-marking-machine

XT LASER brands from China, nice design, clean dial gauge, strong arm to support the laser path moving up and down.


  1. 2D/3D working table

3D working table can be lifted up and down. Both working table can be adjusted in small range.



  1. Power Supplye

Stable power supply. Main power choices are 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w etc.