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Why choose 3D fiber laser curve surface marking machine

With the application of fiber laser marking machine more and more widely, many customers want to mark on the curve surface, in order to meet customer demand XT LASER  provides customers with a good choice: 3D laser marking machine.

Four advantages of 3D fiber laser curve surface marking machine

  • Larger range and finer light effects

3D fiber laser marking machine using pre-focused optical mode and larger X, Y-axis deflection lens. Which can allow the transmission of laser light spot larger, better focusing accuracy,better energy.  In the same focus precision work, the marking range with 3D marking  can be greater than 2D marking.

  • Can mark different height of the object, variable focal length changes more

As 3D marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, so it can achieve the surface marking possible. After using 3D, a certain degree of curvature within the cylinder marking can be completed, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Many parts of the surface shape is not regular, some parts of the surface height difference is quite large, this time, the advantages of 3D marking will become more obvious.

  • More suitable for deep carving

2D marking is an electric way to carry out the surface of the object deep carving, with the carving process of laser focus on the move, the role of the actual surface of the laser energy will be a sharp decline, seriously affecting the effect and efficiency of deep carving. 3D marking for deep processing, both to ensure the results, but also improve the efficiency, while eliminating the cost of electric lift.

  • 3D marking can achieve playing black and white, and even multi-color marking, the effect is more abundant.

For normal metal surfaces, such as anodized aluminum, the use of higher frequency pulses, usually under suitable energy, is marked in a certain out-of-focus condition. Which significantly affects the energy distribution of the laser on the surface of the material and Color effect. 3D marking machine for multi-grayscale multi-color effect of the plane processing is also very meaningful.

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Youtube links:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafAApnb4BJWkJBZSQToBRA.

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