What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine-Catherine

Fiber laser is the core part in fiber laser cutting machine. When purchase fiber laser cutting machine, we must pay attention to the quality of fiber lasers. Now German IPG fiber laser source is the best laser source in the world. Also have many customers choose China best brand Raycus fiber laser source. If you use imported lasers, the price of the fiber laser source is relatively high, the quality is also better. It generally can use more than ten years. Fiber laser cutting machine good or bad to see where? Mainly looking at fiber lasers.


What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

In recent years on the international market, fiber laser cutting machine is a new invention type for laser cutting equipment. Whether in cutting speed, or in the machine performance has an absolute advantage. XT LASER will introduce the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

First, advanced technology – fiber laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine uses a cutting principle is a new type of laser cutter. In the cutting by the output of high-energy laser beam gathered in the workpiece surface, laser radiation generated by the huge energy. You can instantly cut the surface of the melting and gasification. Easily cut the very hard interface. Fiber laser cutting process is the most advanced technology. Its cutting speed is very fast and cutting accuracy is very accurate. Cutting cross-section accuracy within a few millimeters, to meet the high requirements of cutting.

Second, stable performance – fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the use of extremely stable world’s top lasers. The laser life of up to 100,000 hours. And in the course of the use of human factors in addition to almost no system itself.  So this laser cutting machine under long working pressure, it will not produce any vibration or other adverse phenomena.

Third, the operation is simple – fiber laser cutting machine

In the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, all the information dissemination and energy transmission are transmitted through the fiber. In this way to carry out the greatest advantage of transmission is to save a lot of manpower and material resources in the transmission process which is not Will produce any light path leakage phenomenon. Before you can use the equipment do not have to do any optical path adjustment, you can easily transfer energy to the laser.

Fourth, small size – fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is only one of its core components, that is, laser lasers, laser volume is very small, unlike other types of cutting products, like, occupy a lot of space, so the overall size of the machine will be reduced a lot, In the machinery production and transportation process can be for us to reduce a lot of manpower and resources.

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